Did you know? What kind of microwave oven do you have?

Today microwave is almost a kitchen appliance. The price is not high, but during the use, it is often the problem that the explosion inside the microwave oven. Part of the food. Unsuitable microwave containers. So frequently asked questions. What type of container to heat in the microwave. And not some Check that the containers that contain these foods can be heated in the microwave safely. Next time there will be no mistake in warming the food.

Microwave containers are not allowed.
1. Metal – Do not put metal objects or containers into the microwave. This may cause sparks and flames.
2. Plastic Melamine – Melamine should be used at temperatures not exceeding 60 degrees Celsius, even if the microwave at 900 watts may cause formaldehyde in the container contaminated with food.
3. Freezer bag – Not recommended. If used, use a heat-resistant bag instead, and drill holes before microwave. And do not heat for a long time.
4. Food foil – Heat radiation on the foil wrap food can also cause sparks.
5. Porcelain Bowl – Most of the dishes are not heat resistant and may be contaminated with food when heated with a microwave.
6. Foam Box or Plastic Box – Foam Box and Plastic Boxes contain substances that can melt and ignite quickly.
7. Food bag – Do not microwave. Paper may burn. Due to heat sensitivity And sparks
8. Recycled Paper – Do not put it in the microwave. Ignite the fire.
9. portable thermos bottles and stainless steel containers – can cause sparks when heated to microwave. Contaminated with food or water.


Microwave containers
1. Glassware – It should be a glass that can be used with the oven. And those glass must not contain metal. And it must be noted that the glass is thin or thick.
2. porcelain And pottery – these pots, whether porcelain pottery or porcelain. Can be put in the microwave. But be sure that the porcelain or pottery is metal.
3. Coated or wax coated paper – Can be used in microwave ovens.
4. Ceramic – can be imported into the microwave. It is important to consider what type of ceramics, earthenware, porcelain, porcelain or Bone China, all of which can be imported into the microwave. Just use a different warm-up period.