5 Cracks in House Hazards An alarm that you should not overlook.

Do not just stand still if you see a crack in the wall. Because the cracks we see can harm our home more than we think. Some points may just be cracks from the plaster is not good enough. But some points may be cracks caused by the structure of the building. And that is a sign that residents must be careful.
Home Hub will take everyone to explore the 5 cracks to be careful. If these cracks occur. Should quickly find a way to handle it, otherwise it may harm the home. Or the most serious is to harm the residents. What is the point? We go to the store.
1. Cracks in the middle of the beam.
Cracks in the middle of the beam It is caused by the beam will be heavy. The beam is leaning down. As a result, the concrete is broken into U-shaped beams. The initial solution is to explore the material above the beams. If there are heavy objects placed over the beam. To move immediately.
2. Vertical cracks on the wall.
The cracks in this way are caused by the lowering of the floor and the beam above the wall. As a result, the wall adjacent to the structure is cracked. The cracks usually occur in the middle of the wall vertically from the ceiling or from the floor. Length not less than half of the wall height. Preliminary remedial of moving heavy loads. Get out of that area immediately.

3. Cracks in the middle of the wall.
The central obliquity of the wall is caused by the collapse of one of the pillars of the house (one in four in a room, the third in the third, which collapses), causing the wall to crack. Initial correction to cracks this watch. Measure the width and length of the cracks and take notes. If the crack is not spread, it is not very dangerous. If the cracks are long and wide spread rapidly. Have to consult the structural engineers promptly.
4. Cracks in the beam near the posts.
This fracture. It is an obstruction. The beam ends are connected to both sides. This fracture. It is a very dangerous alarm at the top. Because the structure of the building can not bear the weight. To be torn apart. If anyone encounters such cracks, urgently consult structural engineering.
5. Cracks on the ceiling
This crack is caused by a beamless ceiling. By the cracks. If the ceiling is a two-way steel, it will cross the corner into the four corners, but if the reinforcement is the same way, the cracks will be straight parallel to the beam on either side. Preliminary fixes to quickly remove heavy loads from the top. And quickly discuss structural engineers.
If any friends are facing the problem of cracking the wall. If you know what’s causing it, please fix it quickly. Do not leave it for long. It may harm us.